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PVC Panel Advice

Practicability of installation

The components of the system are easy to work using normal woodworking tools for cutting, drilling and shaping. Hand-held and bench-mounted power tools with carbide-tipped blade should be run at speed similar to, or higher than, those normally used for timber. Special training is not required to install the roofline system correctly provided the manufacturer's instructions and procedures are followed. However, general care needs to be exercised when working at roof level.

Procedure of installation

Selected boards and accessories should be assembled and cut to size. Soffit boards are fixed to the underside edge of the fixing boards using ventilated soffit boards where appropriate. Fascia boards are fixed to timber fixing boards at centres not exceeding 600 mm, using at least two fixings per rafter end. Existing support timbers should be checked for soundness and, where necessary, replaced. Where necessary, fascia boards are jointed between rafters using the appropriate joint trim cut to size. The trim is fixed by nailing it to the end of one board only, allowing a 10 mm gap for expansion at the end of each board. At external corners, the appropriate corner joint trim, cut to size is used and pushed into the end of a trimmed boards leaving a 5 mm gap for thermal expansion.
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