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PVC Panel Advice

Available Colours

Natural brown, Tropical brown, Graphite black and Stone Grey.

After several days, the product will begin to fade slightly. This is a temporary and a natural process due to the
leaking of the lignin. Afterwards the original colour is obtained again.

The reason is the wood composite material containing 50% PVC and 50% wood flour. Wood flour contains lignin in the cell wall and together with cellulose it determines the strength of wood. By sanding the surface during the manufacturing process, the wood fibres release the lignin and following exposure to UV light a slight discolouration occurs. In this early stage Stone Grey and Graphite Black get a yellow / green tint.
The sun and rain loosen the lignin on the surface and a brown / yellow substance emerges. This substance is completely harmless and is responsible for the colour change. This may cause water circles or drip edges on the wood composite profiles. The more irrigated the boards, the faster the lignin disappears from the wall and after a few weeks / months, the original colour of the panels will be obtained. If you wish to speed up this process you can rinse the product regularly with water.
Boards that have started to fade can be perfectly positioned with boards that have not been subject to this discolouration process. Over time, all the boards will have the same even colour. Below is the original color with adjacent the final colour. There can be slight colour differences between different production series as 50% of the material is made of wood.

Available ColoursAvailable ColoursAvailable ColoursAvailable Colours
Tropical Brown
Natural Brown
Stone Grey
Graphite Black
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