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PVC Panel Advice


Everyone can place a terrace with the Duofuse composite decking tiles!
A hard flat surface is sufficient. Provide a slope so that the water can drain away. No accessories, beams, clips, screws, glue... needed.

Extremely fast installation: 1m² can be placed within 1 minute!
Thanks to the studs at 2 sides of the tile and the rings, at the 2 other sides of the tile, the tiles can be placed in 2 directions and/or in a combination of 2 colours. Due to this you are able to form different geometric figures. e.g. place a brown terrace, but in the middle of the terrace (where the garden table is standing) you place a grey rectangle...

Method of working:

- Place a decking tile in a corner of the terrace.
- Click the next tile on the first tile by clicking the studs of the second tile into the rings of the first tile.
- Repeat this step until you have finished the complete surface.
- You don't need to fix the tiles to the foundation.

If the width or the length of the terrace is not corresponding with a tile, then you can crop a tile with a saw. Please take care of the screws which hold the decking to the polypropylene mat.

You can choose to saw the plastic rings of the outside decking tiles, but this is not necessary.

When positioning on rubber or roofing, you must first place rubber tiles to protect existing roof covering.


Examples of installation:

Examples of installation:Examples of installation:Examples of installation:Examples of installation:Examples of installation:
placed in 2 directions
placed in 1 direction
Stone Grey on a roof terrace
Stone Grey and Medium Brown
Medium Brown in 2 directions